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We Feature: 

  • FWBELL And Integrity Design & Research Corp. Teslameters.

  • Magnetic field survey services

An idealized representation lines
     of the Earth magnetic field B

Welcome to the free world: United State of America Integrity Design and 
		Research Company
  • High precision AC & DC magnetic field gaussmeter made in the U.S.A. by Integrity Design and Sypris Test & Measurement formerly known FWBELL.

  • Magnetic field survey services to industries for ELF & VLF with technical & solution support.

  • Nuclear radiation detectors.

  • Extech measurement Instruments.

  • Shielding materials.

  • Calibration services for Integrity Design & Research products.

  • You have a question about the magnetic field we get an answer. Contact Dr. Hanna at 1 800 719 2315 or 1 (802) 872 7116 or 1 (802) 876 7464.

Magnetic Measurement Instrumentation
Welcome to Integrity's Home Page. Since 1987 we have been providing high quality ELF & VLF instrumentations for AC and DC magnetic field measurements. Customers include Federal Government Agencies such as, NASA, the FDA, Los Alamos Nat'l Laboratory and the US NAVY, as well as various States and local government agencies. Universities, Electric Power companies, Researchers, Industries, Hospitals and Consumers, interested in ELF & static magnetic field measurements also utilize our products. Integrity Design can be contracted to design custom electronic/electrical instruments. Just talk to our engineer staff about your project. Thank you again for asking ...about our products, our commitment is to provide excellent value and full service for your investment. We promise to live up to our name by offering that "extra" ingredient every day to make sure you are happy. Ask our customers about us, they can attest to our reputation. For more information about measuring & shielding ELF or other related issues, contact our sales representatives at (802)-872-7116 or fax your request at 802-872-7115. We offer free consultations & services. Integrity instruments are unique to the industry and they sell through distributors in various parts of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
A picture of one of ELF gaussmeter IDR-109 is used by utilities,universities & government agencies. Reviewed by Radio Electronics magazine(5/90),EPA(june 1992), it has also become a prefered meter for field survey consultants Click here for checking the rests of the ELF & VLF Magnetic Field gaussmeters
  • Power Lines
  • Computers & television
  • Appliances & electric blankets
  • Electric Meters & motors
  • Video display terminals
  • Induction heaters 
  • Ground wave energy network
  • Walk-through detector and medical equipments
  • Hybrid cars
Click here for checking the rests of the DC and AC/DC gaussmeters
  • Earths Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic Classification
  • Residual Field
  • Air Shipment Inspection
  • Hybrid cars
  • MRI
Click here for more specs about DC magnetic field meters
A picture of a sheet of Themumetal for shielding 
                          the AC & DC magnetic field Magnetic Shielding Materials
  • High permeability
  • Ferromagnetic material is especially used for shielding magnetic fields (ELF).
  • The chemical composition is 80 % Nickel and 15% iron
A bundle of Extech Instruments Light Meter
Non-contact Infrared Thermometers
Thermo-Anemometers/Air Velocity Meters
Sound Level meter
Dew Point/Wet Bulb/Psychrometers
Thermocouple Thermometers
Humidity & Temperature Meters
Moisture Meters
Hygro-Thermometers, Clocks & Stopwatch
Click here for more specs about Radalert50 Nuclear radiation measurements

The Radalert 100 is a general purpose geiger counter that measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-radiation. Exciting new features of the Radalert 100-as an upgraded version of the popular Radalert 50- include a three-second update and a utility menu that allows you to change the default settings for several operating parameters. Its digital liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the current radiation level in your choice of milliroentgens per hour from .001 to 110 or counts per minute (cpm) from 0 to 350,000. When SI units are selected, the LCD shows readings in microsieverts per hour from .01 to 1100 or counts per second (cps) from 0 to 3,500. This instrument also offers an accumulated total and timer function, up to 9,999,000 counts and 40 hours. A red LED blinks and a beeper chirps with each count (the chirp can be muted). An audible alert sounds when the radiation reaches a user-adjustable level. The Radalert 100 meets CE certification requirements for Europe.

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Rental & calibration policies:
 Some of the professional models are now available for two-weeks rental for only $90. All models  made by Integrity Electronics & Research co., Integrity Research and Integrity Design & Research co. are recommended to be calibrated & tested only @ our factory every other year. We are not responsible on the accuracy of the measurement  if our products were calibrated at other labs.

Authorized Distributors:
 Integrity Design expanded its line of business products, We are the only authorized distributor & representative for FWBell Gaussmeters & hall effect sensors in the Middle East & parts of Asia. Also we are distributor for Extech, International Medcom. Please call or email us for product information & the best quote prices.

Order Toll free number in U.S.A. & Canada: 1 -800-719-2315

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